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Shakespeare dig to delve into Tudor soil

Archaeologists digging at the home of William Shakespeare are set to excavate soil that has been untouched for 400 years. The live archaeological project will explore foundations and other remains thought to date from Shakespeare’s era, which were uncovered shortly before the Dig was put under wraps for winter.  Dr Paul

1,700-year-old African skeleton was Roman soldier

A skeleton of African descent found in Stratford-upon-Avon may have been a Roman soldier who chose to retire in the area. He added the bones revealed the man was heavily built and used to carrying heavy loads. He had suffered arthritis in one of his shoulders, his hips and lower back. Mr

Excavation planned for home where Shakespeare died

Archaeologists are planning to dig at the Stratford-upon-Avon home where William Shakespeare died in 1616. "Our purpose would be to create a modern record of New Place, providing us with a better understanding of the site, and potentially revealing new information about the house in which Shakespeare died and the way