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4,000-year-old floor found in Ohio

The remains of a 4,000-year-old floored structure has been found in northeastern Ohio. "There's nothing like this anywhere in Ohio. It's very significant, a much more significant site than we previously thought," Redmond said. "These are house structures. This was like a village site." The builders lived in what archaeologists classify as

Man-made structure found on floor Sea of Galilee

A made-made pile of basalt boulders has been discovered on the floor of the Sea of Galilee, prompting researchers to question how and why it got there. The structure, which cannot be seen from land, is massive -- about twice the diameter of Stonehenge. Further study by a team of scuba-diving investigators

Anglo-Saxon feasting hall uncovered beneath village green

A 1,300-year-old Anglo-Saxon feasting hall has been uncovered inches beneath the village green at Lyminge in Kent, England. At 69 feet by 28 feet, the hall would have been an impressive structure with room for at least 60 people. Animals bones which were found buried in pits near the edge of the

Prehistoric structure and tools found in New Mexico

Archaeologists in New Mexico have discovered prehistoric tools and a structure used by an ancient nomadic hunter-gatherer society. "For thousands of years, our ancestors, the ancestors of this area, subsisted this way," Lentz said recently as he crouched next to a section of earth a few feet deep that had been