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900-year-old jewelry found in Israel

A trove of 900-year-old jewelry has been found by students excavating in central Israel. “In the courtyard is where the women would cook and bake in clay ovens and apparently women who worked in the cooking and baking wore jewelry — necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, hair pins. Through the hundreds of

Historic artifacts found at Bradgate Park

Artifacts spanning thousands of years of history have been uncovered by archaeology students working in Bradgate Park, in Leicestershire, England. He said: "We have Paleolithic flints, a piece of Roman pot, a medieval building, possible a hunting or keeper's lodge, and a toy gun, which could be form the 1960s, in

Students excavate 10,000-year-old Bison kill site

A group of students from the University of Oklahoma helped uncover bison bones and weapons at a 10,000-year old bison kill site. This was the second year the team had been excavating the site, so they knew what to expect when they were digging around in the sticky red dirt, but

Practice archaeological dig uncovers 2,000-year-old temple

A mock archaeological dig being held for students at Bonn University actually turned up a genuine 2,000-year-old Roman temple. Lecturers at Bonn University had set up a mock archaeological dig at a building site on campus to teach hopeful historians digging techniques. What they did not expect to find were the

Students live an Iron Age life

Here's an interesting article about five students in Estonia who are living life as it was lived in the Iron Age. The five sleep on a single low platform covered with hay, sheepskin and cloth across the back wall of the building. Inside, acrid smoke fills the windowless room and flows out

Students to live like gladiators

How come I never got to do anything this cool in university? A group of university students are plannig to live and train like Roman gladiators did in 79AD, and will stage a battle this summer, all in the name of scientific research. “We know hardly anything about the gladiators,”

Bones found at university likely belong to old medical cadavers

Human bones found at the University of South Carolina are believed to belong to cadavers used by the anatomy school in the late 19th century. The bones were discovered by work crews Aug. 10 as they were repairing an underground steam line at the university’s Horseshoe, the oldest part of campus. Since