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Sunken WWII submarine found in Philippines

A sunken vessel found in the Philippines' Balabac Straight has been identified as the WWII submarine USS Flier. The Flier, which departed Pearl Harbor in January 1944 for its first war patrol, had seen extensive action by the time it struck a mine and sank on Aug. 13, 1944. Seventy-eight crewmen were

WWI submarine found on Baltic floor

The well-preserved remains of World War I submarine sunked 93 years ago have been found at the bottom of the the Baltic Sea. HMS 18 was one of a small number of boats sent to the Baltic by Winston Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty, to support the Russian navy

Divers find wreck of WWII Soviet submarine

A group of divers in the Baltic Sea have found the wreck of a Soviet submarine that sank in 1940, taking 50 crew members with it. Zetterstrom says all crew members died when the vessel exploded in 1940, probably after hitting a mine. Markus Lindholm, an Aland-based maritime archaeology expert who studied