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Ancient Roman city found off coast of Libya

The remains of a Roman city, dating back to the 2nd century A.D., have been found underwater, off the coast of Libya. The discovery took place on the Cape of Ras Eteen on the western side of Libya's Gulf of Bumbah, as archaeologists were searching the area for shipwrecks and the

Divers explore submerged Mayan pilgrimage site

Scuba divers are exploring the depths of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where they have found an ancient site where Mayan pilgrams flocked to worship. "No one believed me, even when I told them all about it. They just said 'he's mad'," said Roberto Samayoa, a businessman and recreational diver who grew

World’s oldest submerged town dates back 5,000 years

The world's oldest submerged town, Pavlopetri, is 1,200 years older than originally thought. This summer the team carried out a detailed digital underwater survey and study of the structural remains, which until this year were thought to belong to the Mycenaean period โ€” around 1600 to 1000 BC. The survey surpassed

World’s oldest submerged town to be acoustically scanned

The world's oldest submerged town, Pavlopetri in Greece, is undergoing an indepth survey by underwater archaeologists armed with the latest technology. Dr Henderson and his team will carry out a detailed millimeter accurate digital underwater survey of the site using an acoustic scanner developed by a major North American offshore engineering