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Anglo-Saxon cemetery found in Suffolk

20 Anglo-Saxon burials (containing the remains of 21 individuals) have been unearthed in Suffolk, England. “It was quite a surprise. We had done a series of trial trench excavations and had no idea they were there. “We were very lucky they had survived because they were less than a foot down and

7th century village unearthed near Sutton Hoo

The remains of a royal village dating back to the 7th century has been found four miles northeast of Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, England. Archaeologists believe the site – covering more than 100 acres – was possibly home to a royal palace, a wooden hall surrounded by other buildings with a

Bronze Roman lantern unearthed in English field

A rare Roman lantern made of bronze has been unearthed by a metal-detectorist in a field in England. Danny Mills, 21, made the find in a field near Sudbury in Suffolk. The area was dotted with plush Roman villas and country estates in the second century. The object, described as

Actress discovers 500-year-old church vault by accident

While rehearsing a scene, an actress accidentally put her foot through into a previously unknown 500-year-old church vault. Kathy Mills exposed the entrance to the secret chamber that had been hidden for centuries as she rehearsed a scene for an upcoming production of the musical Quasimodo at St Mary's Church,

Who is buried at Sutton Hoo?

Seventy years after the discovery of a burial mount overlooking the River Deben in Suffolk, England, the debate still rages over who is buried at Sutton Hoo. For many there is no doubt that the ship burial at Sutton Hoo is that of a king - certainly the rich treasures found