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5,500-year-old Sumerian beer recreated

Archaeologists have teamed up with brewers at the Great Lakes Brewing Company to recreate a 5,500-year-old Sumerian beer, using only clay vessels and a wooden spoon. There is an unresolved argument in academic circles about whether the invention of beer was the primary reason that people in Mesopotamia, considered the birthplace

Drought may be responsible for demise of Sumerian language

A 200-year-long drought which occurred 4,200 years ago may be directly responsible for killing off the Sumerian language. "As we go into the 4,200-year-ago climate anomaly, we actually see that estimated rainfall decreases substantially in this region and the number of sites that are populated at this time period reduce substantially,"

Temple wall found in Ur

A temple wall which dates back to 2500 B.C. has been found in Iraq at the Sumerian city of Ur. An Italian archeological mission working in Tal Abu Tbeira, Thi-Qar province, unearthed the wall of a temple that dates back to the year 2500 B.C. near the ancient city of Ur, according

Sumerian temple found in southern Iraq

A Sumerian temple has been unearthed in the Iraqi province of Dhiqar. The department’s information officer, Abdulzahra al-Talaqani, said a team of French excavators did a short season of digging at al-Rafaai, the district where the Sumerian temple was found. The French were expected to resume digging to provide a