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City of Alexandria aligned with rising sun on Alexander the Great’s birthday

A new study suggests that the ancient city of Alexandria was aligned so that on Alexander the Great's birthday the sun would shine down the main road. Ancient Alexandria was planned around a main east-west thoroughfare called Canopic Road, said Giulio Magli, an archaeoastronomer at the Politecnico of Milan. A study

Roman emperor’s estate aligned to the sun

New research has shown that some of the buildings erected on the country estate of the Roman emperor Hadrian were aligned with the sun to produce spectacular light effects. For centuries, scholars have thought that the more than 30 buildings at Hadrian's palatial country estate were oriented more or less randomly.

8,000-year-old temple of the Sun found in Bulgaria

An 8,000-year-old temple dedicated to sun worship has been found in northwest Bulgaria. The oldest temple of the Sun has been discovered in northwest Bulgaria, near the town of Vratsa, aged at more then 8000 years, the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reported on December 15 2010. The Bulgarian 'Stonehenge' is