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WWII Nazi arms ship found in Baltic Sea

The sunken wreck of a WWII Nazi arms ship has been found in the Baltic Sea by Russian authorities who are preparing to remove its huge arsenal of shells. More than 10,000 shells containing explosives are on board, but without detonators, a Russian government official told the BBC. The removal

Sunken WWII submarine found in Philippines

A sunken vessel found in the Philippines' Balabac Straight has been identified as the WWII submarine USS Flier. The Flier, which departed Pearl Harbor in January 1944 for its first war patrol, had seen extensive action by the time it struck a mine and sank on Aug. 13, 1944. Seventy-eight crewmen were

Found: Australian hospital ship sunk in WW2

An Australian hospital ship which was torpedoed by the Japanese during WW2, taking 268 lives with it, has been found off the coast of Queensland. The loss of the Centaur in 1943 while sailing to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea was one of Australia's great wartime disasters. Survivors and their