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Treasure hunter claims to have found $3 billion haul

A treasure hunter and his crew have found the wreckage of the SS Port Nicholson, and believe it may contains $3 billion worth of platinum. The merchant ship was sunk by a German U-boat back in 1942, but the British government says that it's not so sure that it actually contained

Kaiser Wilhelm’s urinal found on sunken WWI ship

Maritime archaeologists have found a urinal used by Kaiser Wilhelm II on the wreck of the Udine, a light-cuirse which was sunk by the Royal Navy during WWI. At the time the significance of the urinal went unnoticed until later research revealed that the urinal was part of a special bathroom

HMS Victory wreck to be brought to the surface?

An archaeologist is calling for the sunken wreck of the HMS Victory to be brough to the surface for excavation to avoid further damage. Dr Sean Kingsley is an archaeological consultant for Odyssey Marine Exploration, who found the shipwreck in the English Channel in April 2008. He said the site

Ten items that went down with the Titanic

How Stuff Works has compiled a list of ten things that sunk with the "unsinkable" Titanic. 8. Art Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering the wealth of many of its passengers, the Titanic was carrying a number of works of art, all of which were lost when the ship sank. The most spectacular of these

Divers find wreck of WWII Soviet submarine

A group of divers in the Baltic Sea have found the wreck of a Soviet submarine that sank in 1940, taking 50 crew members with it. Zetterstrom says all crew members died when the vessel exploded in 1940, probably after hitting a mine. Markus Lindholm, an Aland-based maritime archaeology expert who studied

English Channel trawlers are destroying historic wrecks

Sunken ships in the English Channel have sustained shocking damage from bottom trawling fishing techniques. Odyssey — the world’s only publicly-listed shipwreck exploration company — surveyed 4,725 sq miles (12,300 sq km) of the western Channel during its search for high-value shipwrecks. It discovered 267 wrecks, of which 112, or 41