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WWII lifeboat discovered new Orkney Islands

The sunken wreckage of a WWII lifeboat from the attacked HMS Royal Oak has been found underwater off the Orkney Islands. FOR more than a century it has lain on the seabed, a lost relic of one of the greatest wartime disasters ever suffered by the Royal Navy. But now undersea archaeologists

U.S. Navy examines sunken WWII plane wreckage off Florida coast

The U.S.Navy is examining the sunken remains of a WWII plane in an attempt to ID the aircraft and the pilots. They're exploring a plane wreck from World War II discovered by local diver Randy Jordan. "I really feel like, finally, we're going to find out who belonged to that airplane and

Study of Mary Rose skeletons shows archery took a toll on the body

Researchers examining the skeletons of archers found on the sunken Mary Rose have found that the heavy longbows physically affected them in dramatic ways. "It is known that archers were on board as 'arm guards' that they used were found. But they don't know which skeletons they would be. "So we are

Survey of Hawaiian WWII wrecks completed

Researchers in Hawaii have completed a survey of sunken WWII-era planes and shipwrecks which dot the ocean floor along Maui's southern coast. “The wrecks along the coast are like windows into the past and they remind us of the sacrifices made during World War II,” said Hans Van Tilburg, NOAA maritime

Sunken WWII submarine found in Philippines

A sunken vessel found in the Philippines' Balabac Straight has been identified as the WWII submarine USS Flier. The Flier, which departed Pearl Harbor in January 1944 for its first war patrol, had seen extensive action by the time it struck a mine and sank on Aug. 13, 1944. Seventy-eight crewmen were

Gold rush-era ghost ship found in the Yukon

A gold-rush era ship which sank in a storm 1901 has been found, remarkably intact, at the bottom of a lake in the Yukon Territory. Archaeologists in Canadas Yukon have found whats believed to be the only untouched shipwreck from the Klondike Gold Rush, made famous by writers Jack London and

Two sunken WWII Japanese submarines found off Hawaii

Researchers have found two sunken WWII Japanese submarines off Oahu, including one sub meant to carry aircraft for attacks on American cities and the Panama Canal. The submarines, among five that were captured by American forces at the end of the war and taken to Pearl Harbor for study, were found off

How 67 sailors survived German sinking in WWII

A British seaman's war-time log has been discovered that discloses how 67 sailors survived 20 days and 1,200 miles adrift at sea after their ship was sunk by a German U-boat. The men were stranded in four lifeboats and survived on water biscuits, raisins and the odd raw fish caught by