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3,000-year-old cemetery found in Pakistan

Archaeologists have been working to excavate 32 intact graves found in a 3,000-year-old cemetery in Pakistan's Swat Valley. High on a hill overlooking Pakistan's scenic Swat Valley sits a recently excavated cemetery. Italian archaeologist Luca Maria Olivieri walks across the site and lays a sun-beaten hand on a clay slab jutting

3,000-year-old cemetery found in Pakistan

A cemetery which dates back 3,000-years have been found in Pakistan's Swat Valley. The site was home to unique ancient graves, pottery, ornaments made of bronze and copper, spindles and hairpins — a discovery made under the framework of the Archaeology Community Tourism (ACT) project. A total of 23 graves have

Buddhist-era site found in Pakistan

A Buddhist-era site has been found in Pakistan's Swat valley. Initial excavations by an Italian archaeology mission at Kandak and Kota in the Barikot area have apparently revealed treasures that include prehistoric rock carvings, paintings of social and hunting scenes and pottery specimens “preserved in good condition,” according to