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5th-century gold artifacts found in Swedish ring fort

Gold rings and a coin have been found at a 5th-century ring fort in southeastern Sweden. The coin was made in honour of Western Roman Emperor Valentinian III, who ruled between 425 and 455. The emperor is depicted on one side of the coin, with his foot resting on the head

17th-century shipwreck found in Stockholm

A 17th-century shipwrecks has been found in Stockhom, Sweden and may be a flagship built in 1615 for King Gustav II. "We were really surprised, because we have some old maps that show some wrecks from the early 1800s, and it seems like the older wrecks don't show up on the

Viking manor house found in Sweden

A viking manor hall, measuring more than 130 feet long, has been discovered in Sweden. Thanks to high-resolution geophysical surveys carried out in September 2016, researchers now believe they have located one of the most important Viking halls of the era, situated in the harbour bay of Korshamn, outside of Birka's

Mesolithic settlement found off Swedish coast

A 9,000-year-old settlement has been found underwater off the southern coast of Sweden. The site was occupied about 9,000 years ago when the level of the Baltic Sea was about 10-12 metres lower than it is today, Anton Hansson, a PhD geology student at Lund University in Sweden told IBTimes UK. The

Viking rune stone discovered in Sweden

A Viking-era rune stone has been found near the site of a medieval church in Sweden. "The stone is known from before. It was depicted in the 17th century and when the medieval church was torn down in the 19th century we have written records that mention the stone as lost

Preserved fish found at prehistoric site in Sweden

Evidence of large-scale fish preservation has been found at a 9,000-year-old settlement in Sweden. The discovery of the world’s oldest storage of fermented fish in southern Sweden could rewrite the Nordic prehistory with findings indicating a far more complex society than previously thought. The unique discovery by osteologist Adam Boethius from

Swedish 17th century mummy examined

The mummified remains of Peder Winstrup, a bishop who was buried at Lund Cathedral in 1679, has undergone examination. “We can now observe that Winstrup’s mummy is one of the best-preserved bodies from Europe in the 1600s, with an information potential well in line with that offered by Ötzi the ice

Lost Homo Erectus tooth found in Sweden

A 500,000-year-old teeth belonging to "Peking Man" have been found in unpacked boxes from Otto Zdansky's expedition to the caves of Zhoukoudian near Beijing in the 1920s. ‘It is a spectacular find’, says Per Ahlberg. ‘We can see numerous details that tell us about this individual’s life. The crown of the