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Colonial-era artifacts found in Australia

Colonial-era artifacts have been found during an excavation in a suburb of Sydney. For the past two months archaeologists have been digging in North Parramatta, the site of former institutional care facilities. In the early 19th century female convicts were housed in the female factory. The site was then expanded to include a

20,000 aboriginal artifacts found in Australia

More than 20,000 aboriginal artifacts have been recovered during a light rail construction project near Sydney. Jakub Czastka, a senior archeologist at Tocomwall, said the density of the find - more than 20,000 artefacts in just over 100 square metres - was "ridiculous" and indicative of a ceremonial meeting place. "I would

Aboriginal artifacts found in Australian park

Aboriginal spear barbs and other blades and flakes have been found at the future site of a playground in Sydney. Archaeologist Jillian Comber said many of the artefacts found during the past two weeks were thousands of years old and included back blades and flaking, which is the remnants of stone

Ancient rock art found near Sydney

Rock art dating back tens of thousands of years has been found in Sydney's north shore. The site, located in Sydney's north shore area, is in a pocket of pristine bush that has kept the art hidden for generations. Locals were not aware of the presence of the site because it was

How did Napoleon’s hair turn up in Sydney?

The Sydney Morning Herald has posted an article about the mystery of how thirty strands of Napoleon's hair ended up in Sydney, Australia. Genetic testing has never been carried out, but there are two historical facts in its favour. Firstly, that Napoleon's head was shorn in the moments after

One of Sydney’s oldest streets uncovered

Archaeologists in Australia have uncovered one of Sydney's oldest streets. "Early records indicate that when the First Fleet arrived in 1788, this was the track that they walked up, because it was one of the only places that you could come ashore at Sydney Cove at the time," Dr Johnson said. The