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Carved Pictish symbol found in Scottish farm wall

Archaeologists in Scotland have found a stone, built into a farmhouse, which features a carved Pictish symbol depicting a beast of some kind. A lack of weathering on the Pictish beast may suggest the stone had been kept inside, or had been buried, for a long period before it was placed

Jester god symbol leads to Maya tomb

The image of a "Jester god", a symbol of royalty, has led archaeologists to find the oldest known burial site for a Maya ruler. "We excavated the floor of the building and just dug down until we found a lid," Tomasic says. Under the lid, about 16 inches across, ("just wide

Stone Age pictographs get a second look

Scientists are reexamining pictographs scattered amoung the illustrations of animals which adorn the walls of many Stone Age cave dwellings. Some surprising common symbols have been found in caves across the world. When faced with such spectacular beauty, who could blame the visiting anthropologists for largely ignoring the modest

Staffordshire Knot symbol older than previously thought

A Staffordshire Knot symbol has been found in the Shaffordshire Hoard (read more about the discovery here), making the symbol 500 years older than previously thought. The symbol was believed to originate from the 11th century, but the gold artefact dates back to at least the sixth century. The discovery will add

The Swastika: An Ancient Symbol of Mercy

Before the Nazis sullied the swastika, it was known as a symbol of wisdom and mercy dating back over 3,000 years. The word swastika is generally believed to be an amalgam of the words “su” and “asati.” Su means “good” and asati means “to exist.” As per Sanskrit grammar, when the