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Congenital syphilis found in 14th century remains

Researchers in Vienna have identified congenital syphilis in human remains found in the cathedral square of St. Pölten, Austria. In 1495, a "new" disease spread throughout Europe: syphilis. Christopher Columbus was said to have brought this sexually transmitted disease back from his voyage to America. At least, that has been the accepted

New cause of death sought for last Medici member

Researchers are looking for a new reason why Anna Maria Louisa de' Medici, the last member of the famous Medici clan, died after recent photos of her exhumed body showed no signs of late-stage syphilis. Her body was exhumed for a week before being reburied. During that time, scientists made a

Christopher Columbus brought syphilis back from the New World

The theory that syphilis originated in the New World has been around for a while, but new analysis of 54 Old World skeletons has confirmed the suspicions. But scientists have yet to fully agree about how it all started, Amrelagos said, with arguments beginning soon after Columbus’ return to Europe was

Pompeii victims reveal details about Roman life

The city of Pompeii continues to reveal details about Roman life, including the oldest documented case of syphilis, before it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79AD. For a start, we often imagine that the Romans, or anyone in the past for that matter, were all much shorter than we

Christopher Columbus did not spread syphilis

The story that Christopher Columbus brought syphilis back to Europe from the New World has been proven false. It's been popularly theorized among experts in tropical diseases that the explorer brought back one too many treasures from the New World, including the potentially fatal sexually transmitted infection. Soon after his

New research claims Vladimir Lenin died from syphilis, not a stroke

According to new research, Vladimir Lenin died from syphilis caught from a Parisian prostitute and not from a stroke as was previously believed. Helen Rappaport, an acclaimed historian and author, said that books, papers and journals charting Lenin’s last years show that he contracted the sexually transmitted disease and that it