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Ancient cemetery found in Taiwan

A cemetery dating back 4,800 years has been unearthed in central Taiwan. The 48 sets of remains unearthed in graves in the Taichung area are the earliest trace of human activity found in central Taiwan. The most striking discovery among them was the skeleton of a young mother looking down at

Rising tides led to China’s maritime culture

Rising tides 5,000 years ago led to the rise of China's maritime culture and led to the colonization of Taiwan. Analyses of sediment cores extracted from the Fuzhou Basin indicate that, at that time, the kind of marshy areas that are needed for rice paddies disappeared under rising waters. What are

20,000-year-old stone hearth is oldest human relic found in Taiwan

A neolithic stone hearth found in a cave in Taitung is the earlist human relic to be found in Taiwan. After a year of investigation and research, the prehistoric archaeology research team discovered the hearth at the Basiandong (Eight Deities) Historic Site, which carbon-dating reveals to be 20,000 years old, according