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Remains of palace found opposite the Taj Mahal

The remains of a summer palace has been found at the Mehtab Bagh garden located opposite from the Taj Mahal. "The remains of the baradari-like structure have been found just opposite the Taj Mahal which strengthens our belief that the Mughal emperor must have built this place to enjoy the view

Taj Mahal inlay to be protected by glass

Glass covers will be installed in order to preserve the intricate lapiday inlay work of the Taj Mahal's inner chamber. Superintending archeologist ASI AR Siddiqui told TOI on Monday the ‘‘operation initially will be limited to a small scale and would be expanded if successful’’. The plan has already been approved

Bad idea: Turning the Taj Mahal into a theme park

There are disasterous plans in the works to enhance visitor experience at the Taj Mahal by building a Ferris wheel nearby and surrounding the iconic mausoleum with ropewalks, a suspension bridge, and cable cars. ‘Tourist trap’ threat to Taj Mahal, our headline said this morning. The Taj Mahal, has, of course,

Restoration flub discolours Taj Mahal

A botched facelift attempt to beautify the Taj Mahal with a "mud-pack" applied to it's majestic dome has left it a completely different colour to the rest of the monument. The ‘multani mitti’ (Fuller’s earth) pack, applied to a portion of the Taj after the proposal originally mooted by Air Pollution