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Sunken WWII tanks studied

Tanks from WWII, which sank on the way to the D-Day landings near the Isle of Wight, are being studied in order to better protect them. The vessel was carrying two Centaur CS IV tanks, two armoured bulldozers designed to destroy any anti-tank devices on the beach, a jeep and other

Pigs dig up WWII anti-tank weapon in Germany

A couple of hungry pigs in Germany have dug up a World War II anti-tank weapon. Police said Friday the two pigs found the single-shot "panzerfaust" on private land southwest of Dresden. The pigs' owner secured the animals in their stall then called police who were able to remove the

New dinosaur built like a tank

An armoured dinosaur, the Tatankacephalus cooneyorum, has been excavated in Montana. "These were big dinosaur versions of a Sherman tank," Bill Parsons said. "They were armored and they withstood whatever came at them, and they just kept going." T. cooneyorum was about 15 to 20 feet (4.5 to 6 meters) in