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Ancient lost city found in Mexico

An ancient Tarascan urban center has been found in the Mexican state of Michoacán. At the time of European contact, the Purépecha Empire - sometimes called the Tarascan Empire - controlled much of western Mexico with a mutually fortified frontier shared with their rivals, the Aztecs to the east.The settlement

Ancient island with pyramid found in Mexico

In Central Mexico an island has been found that contains a treasury and a small pyramid that may have been used for rituals. The island, called Apupato, belonged to the powerful Tarascan Empire, which dominated much of western Mexico from A.D. 1400 to 1520, before the European conquest of the region. "If

Ancient 16th century imperial ritual complex discovered in Mexico

An ancient imperial ritual complex has been discovered in Mexico, dating to a century before the European conquest.The site includes a small pyramid, several platforms, a possible imperial treasury, and a colonial chapel. "By walking over the entire island we were able to document 2,000 years of continuous occupation, climate change