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Denisovan DNA extracted from ancient teeth

Researchers have managed to extra DNA from some large Denisovan teeth found in Siberia's Denisova Cave. "I thought, 'Oh, that actually looks very human-like,'" he recalled in an interview with CBC News. But when the rest of the tooth was found, he began to have doubts. "I thought, 'This is too big.

560,000-year-old human tooth found in France

An adult tooth dating back more than half-a-million years has been found at Arago Cave in France. The tooth could be the oldest human remains found in France. It predates by 100,000 years the famous Tautavel man, a 20-year-old prehistoric hunter and ancestor of Neanderthal man, who was discovered at the

14,000-year-old dental work found by electron microscope

Evidence of some of the world's oldest dentistry has been found on a 14,000-year-old molar. Using scanning electron microscopy the researchers uncovered peculiar striations in the internal surface of the large cavity. “They were the result of a variety of gestures and movements associated with slicing a microlithic point in different directions,”

Air pollution found in 400,000 dental plaque

Respiratory irritants have been found on 400,000-year-old teeth discovered in Qesem Cave, Israel. Possible respiratory irritants, including traces of charcoal—manmade environmental pollution—found in the dental calculus, may have resulted from smoke inhalation from indoor fires used for roasting meat on a daily basis. This earliest direct evidence for inhaled environmental pollution

The oldest evidence of mushrooms as food

Analyses of ancient dental calculus from the Upper Palaeolithic has revealed that mushrooms were consumed as a food source 18,000-12,000 years ago. Archaeologists know almost nothing about the early use of fungi. Although their use is poorly understood in prehistory, ethnographers have noted that recent hunter-gatherers have often used fungi as

Lost Homo Erectus tooth found in Sweden

A 500,000-year-old teeth belonging to "Peking Man" have been found in unpacked boxes from Otto Zdansky's expedition to the caves of Zhoukoudian near Beijing in the 1920s. ‘It is a spectacular find’, says Per Ahlberg. ‘We can see numerous details that tell us about this individual’s life. The crown of the

Roman gums were healthier than ours

A team of archaeologists have determined that people living in Romain Britain had healthier gums than their modern-day descendants. A team at King's College London and the Natural History Museum found only 5% of adults had gum disease in the Roman, and certainly pre-toothbrush, era. Modern day smoking and type 2 diabetes

Remains of butchered mastodon found in Ohio

An excavation of a mastodon skeleton found by a farmer in Ohio has unearthed flints and charcoal that could reveal that the carcass was butchered by Ice Age hunters. The bones mostly have been discovered on piles of rocks and gravel. The researchers have found bits of flint and lines of