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Fortified gate found at copper mine in Israel

A fortified gatehouse has been found at an ancient copper-smelting site in the Timna Valley in Israel. For the newest study, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, Ben-Yosef and his colleagues focused on the only entrance to the mining camp and the end of the steep path to the

7th-century B.C. handwriting analysed

Researchers have scanned and analysed the handwriting found on 16 ostracons which date back to the 7th-century B.C. Key parts of the Old Testament may have been compiled earlier than some scholars thought, suggests a new handwriting analysis of text on pottery shards. The shards, found at a frontier fort dating to

5,000-year-old beer-making vessels found in Tel Aviv

Fragments of pottery used to make beer by the ancient Egyptians has been found at a construction site in Tel Aviv. Barkan and his colleagues found hundreds of pottery fragments, including broken pieces of large ceramic basins traditionally used to prepare beer — a staple of the Egyptian diet. The clay that

Egyptian scarab amulet found in Tel Aviv

A rare scarab amulet has been unearthed in the ancient city of Jaffa, which is now part of Tel Aviv. Archaeologists excavating the ancient city of Jaffa, now part of Tel Aviv, have long uncovered evidence of Egyptian influence. Now, researchers have learned that a gateway belonging to an Egyptian fortification

Ancient olive oil factory found in Israel

A 1,300-year-old olive oil factory has been found near Tel Aviv in Israel. An exceptional 1,300-year-old olive oil factory was unearthed Tuesday during excavations in the Tel Aviv suburb of Hod Hasharon. The Israel Antiquities Authority’s find, dated to the late Byzantine or early Muslim period, narrowly escaped being paved over

Ancient anchors found in Israel

Three ancient anchors, two made of iron and one made of stone, have been found by lifeguards at a Bat Yam city beach south of Tel Aviv. An IAA marine archaeologist confirmed that the find was about 1, 700-1,400 years old, belonging to the Byzantine era. The anchor's surprisingly well preserved state

Greek amphora unearthed at Israeli fortress

A greek amphora from the Greek isle of Lesbos has been found in the ancient fortress of Tel Qudadi in Tel Aviv. The find is the earliest known example to date of Lesbian ceramic work in the Mediterranean. What remains a mystery, the researchers say, is how the Lesbian amphora arrived at Tel

The world’s oldest disposable cutlery

Archaeologists working in a cave near Tel Aviv have found the world's oldest known disposable knives. Dating to the Stone Age, the tiny knives are believed to be at least 200,000 years old. A Tel Aviv University excavation team found the tools around a fireplace littered with charred animal bones.