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Collection of 18th-century telescopes found in Amsterdam

Five 18th-century telescopes made of cow bone have been found in the Netherlands. At the time, called the Enlightenment, the telescopes would have been considered luxury items and were likely used to gaze at objects on land or sea, rather than to look at the stars. They were created during a

The most important telescopes in history

The New Scientist takes you on an armchair tour of some of the most important telescopes ever built.  The exact origin of the telescope is still controversial. The oldest existing documents attribute its invention to the Dutch spectacle maker Hans Lipperhey in the early 17th century. Lipperhey found that placing a

Galileo’s telescope makes its exclusive U.S. appearance

Galileo's hand-made telescope is visiting Philadelphia's Franklin Institute as part of the "Galileo, the Medici and the Age of Astronomy" exhibit running from April 4 the September 7, 2009. The Franklin is going to host many rare artifacts on loan from Florence's Museo della Storia dei Scienza. Artifacts such as Michelangelo's