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Turkish television show damages archaeological site

A complaint has been filed against the producers of the hit Turkish TV show Muhte?em Yüzy?l after they damaged an ancient historical site during filming. Producers are facing allegations for filming without proper permits and damaging the historical site of Yar?mburgaz Cave. During film, the crew allegedly lit fires inside the cave

The problem with treasure hunter TV shows

Archaeologists are raising their concerns over two new television shows they believe promotes looting. The premise of American Digger, which is being hosted by a former professional wrestler, was laid out in a recent announcement by Spike TV. A team of "diggers" will "scour target-rich areas, such as battlefields and historic

Did JFK really win because he looked better on television? has posted an interesting article regarding how John F. Kennedy won the elections over Richard Nixon. Fifty years ago, on Sept. 26, 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon squared off in the first-ever televised general-election presidential debate. Within days, if not hours, the event gave rise to a

Terminally-ill volunteer to be mummified in TV documentary

Channel 4 in the UK is seeking a terminally-illy volunteer to be mummified like the ancient Egyptians for a special television series. The advert reads: 'We are currently keen to talk to some one who, faced with the knowledge of their own terminal illness and all that it entails, would nonetheless

Jack the Ripper identified (again)

Yet another historian is claiming to have identified Jack the Ripper (adding to a list of over 100 suspects); this time someone named Robert Mann, who was a morgue attendant in Whitechapel at the time. The portrait drawn up of Jack was as a white male from the lower social classes,