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Aztec skull rack found in Mexico

A massive skull rack built between 1485-1502 has been unearthed at Templo Mayor in Mexico City. Racks known as “tzompantli” were where the Aztecs displayed the severed heads of sacrifice victims on wooden poles pushed through the sides of the skull. The poles were suspended horizontally on vertical posts. Eduardo Matos, an

28 flint knives found at Templo Mayor in Mexico

Archaeologists working at Templo Mayor in Mexico have unearthed a 500-year-old box containing 28 flint knives and other artifacts. The archaeologist said that below said marine materials, they found 28 flint knives, which might have represented adorned warriors according to the artifacts they are decorated with; 27 of these are made

400 different animal species found in Templo Mayor offerings

An analysis of animal remains found in 60 offerings at the Great Temple of Tenochtitlán (now Mexico City) in Mexico have revealed that over 400 animal species were sacrificed, ranging from crocodiles to jaguars. The scientists have recovered, “for example, fish from coral reefs in the Atlantic Ocean, reptiles including crocodiles,

50 human skulls found in Aztec temple

The largest number of skulls found in one offering have been uncovered at Templo Mayor in Mexico City. The 50 skulls were found at one sacrificial stone. Five were buried under the stone, and each had holes on both sides — signaling they were hung on a skull rack. Archaeologist Raul Barrera