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Terracotta army colour mystery solved

Researchers have solved the mystery of how colourful pigment were adhered to the surface of the Terracotta warriors created for China's first emperor. Archaeological excavations and research conducted since the discovery of the First Emperor's polychrome army have revealed "the surfaces of the terracotta warriors were initially covered with one or

Were the Terracotta Warriors inspired by Ancient Greek art?

A professor from the University of London believes that Greek Art was the inspiration for China's famous Terracotta Warriors. Nickel's evidence includes newly translated ancient records that tell a fantastic tale of giant statues that "appeared" in the far west, inspiring the first emperor of China to duplicate them in front

New preservation techniques suggested to protect Terracotta Warriors

A new study has recommended important new actions needed to better preserve the famous Terracotta Wariors in China. The study recommends new measures to better preserve such artifacts. One, for instance, involves use of an "air curtain" that would blow across the space to separate the figurines in the Qin Museum

China unearths ruined palace near terracotta army

Excavations near Xi'an reveal vast ancient palace complex a quarter of the size of Beijing's Forbidden City. The palace is the largest complex discovered so far in the emperor's sprawling 22 square-mile (56 square-km) second-century BC mausoleum, which lies on the outskirts of Xi'an, an ancient capital city in central China,

Terracotta Warriors had real weapons

The famous Terracotta Warriors found in Qin Shi Huang's tomb near Xi'an in China each had real weapons which were made in self-sufficient workshops. What has been a puzzle for scientists is how so many weapons could have been made so skillfully, so uniformly and so quickly. (Qin reigned for only

110 new terracotta warriors unearthed in China

Archaeologists working in China have uncovered 110 new terracotta warriors and 12 pottery horses in Xi'an. "The... excavation on the 200-square-metre (2,152-square-feet) site has found a total of 110 terracotta figurines," Shen Maosheng from the Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum -- which oversees the tomb -- told AFP. "The most

5,000 ancient stone statues found in China

5,000 stone statues which are older than the Terracotta warriors, have been discovered in Hunan province, China. They are statues of civil officials, military officers, pregnant women and all kinds of common soldiers and their height varies from 30 to 100 centimetres. Archaeology experts in Hunan said that there are

120 terracotta warriors unearthed in China

120 new terracotta warriors have been found in China. The Telegraph has posted a photo gallery documenting the find. An archaeologist lays out the pieces of a newly found terracotta warrior at the excavation site inside the No. 1 pit of the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses,