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2,400-year-old baby bottle found in Italy

A terracotta pig, believed to be a baby bottle, has been found in a rock-cut tomb in Italy’s Puglia region. Known as guttus, the unique vessel dates back about 2,400 years, when the “heel” of Italy was inhabited by the Messapian people, a tribal group who migrated from Illyria (a region

110 new terracotta warriors unearthed in China

Archaeologists working in China have uncovered 110 new terracotta warriors and 12 pottery horses in Xi'an. "The... excavation on the 200-square-metre (2,152-square-feet) site has found a total of 110 terracotta figurines," Shen Maosheng from the Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum -- which oversees the tomb -- told AFP. "The most

114 new terracotta warriors uncovered in China

114 new terracotta statues have been unearthed from the Qin dynasty tomb complex in Xian, China. The statues, many of which were found in pieces, were brightly coloured and lying alongside pots, weapons and other items, said China Daily. Research teams also found evidence of burn marks on the clay,

New terracotta warriors found…but how many?

The Chinese media is reporting that 100 new terracotta warriors have been found, but the director of the Terracotta Army Museum says the number is actually closer to 10. China’s state news agency Xinhua, and the AFP, reported that archaeologists have found 100 figures in the “number three” excavation pit at

Nigeria’s mysterious Nok culture

German archaeologists are working to find out more about the mysterious 2,500-year-old Nok culture of Nigeria. Some 2,500 years ago, a mysterious culture emerged in Nigeria. The Nok people left behind bizarre terracotta statues -- and little else. German archaeologists are now looking for more clues to explain this obscure culture. Half

Terracotta army may have belonged to empress, not emperor

China's famous terracotta army, found in the tomb of the country's first emperor, may have actually belonged to a female ancestor. Chen presents his evidence in his new book "The Truth of Terracotta Warriors," which details discrepancies such as the army's distance from Qin's tomb and the hairstyles and clothes of

New artifacts found at Terracotta Warriors dig

A bronze arrowhead, two clay figures and two chariots have been found on the first day of the new Terracotta Warriors excavation. "The most important discoveries are two four-horse chariots that are standing in tandem very closely together," Xinhua quoted Cao Wei as saying. Cao is the deputy curator of the

China plans new terracotta warrior excavation

Archaeologists in China plan to excavate more of the life-size terracotta warriors in Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb. Archaeologists hope to uncover more of the elaborately carved officers to add to the 1,000-plus statues already excavated, the official China Daily newspaper said Wednesday. Special care will be taken to preserve the figures'