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Face of 13,600-year-old woman digital reconstructed

Researchers have recreated the face of a woman who lived 13,600 years ago in Thailand. The remains of the woman, who lived about 13,600 years ago, were found in the Late Pleistocene Tham Lod rock shelter in north-west Thailand. The woman was between 25 and 35 years old and between 1.48

Arab dhow found under Thai shrimp farm

An Arab dhow dating back to the 8th-9th centuries A.D has been found beneath a shrimp farm in Thailand. Now buried several metres deep under the muddy ground in a former shrimp farm in Samut Sakhon province, a millennium-old ship once sailed many oceans of the world. The vessel, 25m long,

Flooding in Thailand damages historic books

German book conservation experts are assisting Thai librarians and monks after flooding in the country damaged historic books in many of their libraries. 'When the books don't dry flat, wet them again, and flatten them out,' Moczarski says through her mask, and shocks her listeners by pouring water over an old

Caved-in wall threatens thai pagoda

Flooding from the Chao Phraya River has caused an old wall in the Temple of Dawn to partially cave in, threatening the temple's main pagoda. The cave-in, about two metres in length and about half a metre wide, is no more than 10 metres from the main pagoda, assistant abbot Phra

100 million-year-old crocodile fossil found in Thailand

A new species of crocodile that lived 100 million years ago has been identified from a fossil found in Thailand. Komsorn Lauprasert, a scientist at Mahasarakham University, said the species had longer legs than modern-day crocodiles and probably fed on fish, based on the characteristics of its teeth. “They were

Thailand returns 7 ancient treasures to Cambodia

Thailand has returned seven treasures from Cambodia's Golden Age as the countries pledge to prevent further smuggling. The statues from the 12th century Angkorian era, including six heads of the Hindu god Shiva, were handed to Cambodian officials during an official one-day visit by Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Thai authorities