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Archaeologists excavate ‘The London’ shipwreck

Archaeologists are excavating the sunken remains of The London, a warship which blew up and sank in 1655. In 1665 the explosion was a humiliating disaster. The London was blown in half, and sank almost instantly. A surprising number of the human remains recovered so far have proved to be female,

7,000-year-old timbers found under MI6 headquarters

The oldest wooden structure ever found on the Thames has been discovered right underneath MI6 headquarters. The archaeologists who uncovered the six hefty timber piles had to explain to the security services what they were up to when armed police turned up after they were spotted pottering about on a foggy

Ball and chain found in Thames

The world's only known complete ball and chain, dating back to the 17th or 18th century and believed to have once been attached to a convict who drowned trying to escape, has been found in the Thames. The cast iron device suffered only a tiny amount of rust because it was

6,000 year old timber structure found in London peat bog

London's oldest timber structure has been found in a prehistoric peat bog near the Thames river. Wetlands adjacent to rivers such as the Thames were an important source of food for prehistoric people, and timber trackways and platforms made it easier to cross the boggy terrain. The structure discovered at Plumstead