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Graves of 3rd-century plague victims found in Thebes

The remains of 3rd-century plague victims have been found at the Funerary Complex of Hawa and Akhimenru in Thebes. Occurring between roughly A.D. 250-271, the plague "according to some sources killed more than 5,000 people a day in Rome alone," wrote Francesco Tiradritti, director of the MAIL, in the latest issue

Mummy’s collar found in Egyptian tomb

A colourful collar intended for wear after death has been found in an Egyptian tomb in Thebes. People in ancient Egypt wore collars called "wesekhs" made of beads when they were alive. This painted collar is made of a different type of material called cartonnage (a plastered material) and was meant

Avenue of Sphinxes uproots families

The project to recreate the "Avenue of the Sphinxes", which once connected the temples of Luxor and Karnak in the ancient city of Thebes, is causing controversy as families are being uprooted to make way for the 2.7km tourist attraction. "I will not be forced out of my home