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Artifacts stolen from Lebanon archaeology museum

Thirty artifacts have been stolen from the archaeology museum in the Jbeil district of Lebanon in a a daring nighttime raid. The artifacts were stolen by thieves overnight and were easily carried out of the museum, Layoun said in a statement after visiting Jbeil earlier in the day. He added that the

Three arrested in Greek museum theft

Police in Greece have arrested three individuals in connection with an armed robbery that took place at the Archaeological Museum of Olympia. The three men were arrested Friday in the western Greek city of Patras, close to Ancient Olympia. They were arrested after they tried to sell the most ancient of the

Four petroglyphs chipped out of cliffs and stolen

At least four ancient petroglyphs have been stolen from the cliffs at the Volcanic Tableland in California. The thieves also heavily damaged some of the other glyphs at the site. Federal authorities say at least four petroglyphs have been taken from the site. A fifth was defaced with deep saw cuts

Using war to steal artifacts

Wired has posted an interesting article about the theft of priceless artifacts from the National Commercial Bank of Benghazi in Libya last year. The treasure was kept mostly in two wooden chests, and locked away in a bank vault: thousands of coins, jewelry and figurines, some around 2,600 years old. For

Thieves burglarize Greece’s Ancient Olympia Museum

A gang of thieves armed with hammers broke into the Ancient Olympia Museum in Greece and made off with 65 artifacts. Police in Olympia and neighboring regions set up roadblocks for the thieves, who are believed to have escaped in a car driven by an accomplice, while a police helicopter combed

Researchers receive grant to study illegal antiquities trade

Researchers from Glasgow University have received a $1.5 million grant to study the illegal antiquities trade for the next four years. Researchers will spend the next four years gathering and analysing data on the movements and motives of traffickers, the types of activities involved, such as illegal excavation; transit and purchase;

Auschwitz sign restored

Workers have restored the infamous Auschwitz sign which was stolen and damaged during the theft 17 months ago. Thieves had cut up the black wrought-iron sign into its three constituent words in order to fit it into their getaway car after taking it down from the main gate. Following a nationwide search,

Pirate’s skull stolen from German museum

A nail-pierced skull belonged to the medieval pirate Klaus Störtebeker has been stolen from a museum in Hamburg, Germany. [Thx @deep470] "We are all very upset about the theft," museum director Lisa Kosok said in the press release. "We very much hope that it will either be returned or found." The museum