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Syrian archaeological sites in danger from looters

Business Week has posted an interesting article about the problem of looters in Syria. According to UNESCO, there are more endangered archaeological sites in Syria than anywhere else in the world. “We feel bitter and sad -- many sites have been destroyed before our eyes,” Mamoun Abdul-Karim, head of Syria’s Directorate-General

Irony: Exhibition on recovered stolen artifacts is robbed

An Israeli exhibition about antiquities which have been recovered from thieves has been robbed. Organisers of the "Antiquities Theft in Israel" in Jerusalem could not have chosen a more fitting name for their exhibition. On Wednesday burglars broke into the a museum in Ashdod where hundreds of artefacts recovered from the black

Priceless Koran manuscripts dumped in bin by theives

Theives who robbed the house of an antique manuscript collector did not know what to make of the handwritten Koran pages they pilfered, and dumped them in a bin around the corner. Lucky break for the collector! "These manuscripts are priceless and are normally kept in a very secure place," he