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Thomas Jefferson’s change to the Declaration of Independence

Spectral imaging of an ink smudge on the Declaration of Independence shows that Thomas Jefferson covered over the word "subjects" with "citizens". About 80 years ago, some archivist sandwiched the pages of Jefferson’s draft between sheets of plastic. When the document was taken out of its permanent display case

Authenticating Thomas Jefferson’s belongings

NBC29 has posted an interesting article and video on how curators who authenticate Thomas Jefferson's personal belongings. "People contact us all the time with stories and with objects that they think came from Monticello," said Stein. Each year, the curators investigate about 50 artifacts. Stein said roughly 1 in every

18th-century octagonal house found

Archaeologists in South Carolina may have found the first octagonal house in the United States. The ruins were found last fall on the banks of the May River in the southern coastal town of Bluffton. A letter written in 1796 by a visitor mentions the octagonal house and helps

Letter from Thomas Jefferson found

A couple looking through old historic photographs in Virgina stumbled across a personal letter written by Thomas Jefferson to his friend, the poet and diplomat Joel Barlow. In a drawer, Bennett, 34, spotted a paper that looked very old and unusual. She pulled out her iPhone and tapped away, frantically searching

200 years later, a cryptic coded message to Thomas Jefferson is solved

For more than 200 years a mysterious coded message from Robert Patterson to President Jefferson was undeciphered...until now. After about a week of working on the puzzle, the numerical key to Mr. Patterson's cipher emerged -- 13, 34, 57, 65, 22, 78, 49. Using that digital key, he was able to