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Ancient necropolis uncovered in Bulgaria

Archaeological excavations ahead of a planned gas line in Bulgaria have unearthed a necropolis of more than 100 tombs. The site includes tombs from the Thracian times to the times of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. The oldest ones date from the 5th – 4th centuries B.C. Some reveal very interesting rites

Ancient rock stove found at Perperikon

A rock stove cut into the rock at the Thracian city of Perperikon has been found. The stove consists of a lower part, a hearth, whose ceiling has two holes that let through some fire; the ceramic cooking vessels would be placed on top of the holes. "We can easily

Thracian temple found in Turkey

Excavations at Heraion-Teikhos in western Turkey have turned up a Thracian temple at the city's acropolis. The temple, belonging to the ancient Thracian civilization, was thought to have disappeared in a fire that occurred in 2 BC. The continuing work at the temple has revealed many interesting artworks thus far,

Thracian Starosel Tomb dated to the 4th century BC

The largest underground temple on the Balkan peninsula, the Thracian Starosel Tomb, has been dated back to the 4th century BC. In the summer of 2009, the archaeological team took samples from a stake in the middle of the tomb where gifts to the Greek goddess of the hearth

Thracian tomb with silver treasure fuond in Bulgaria

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered a tomb belonging to an aristocrat from Ancient Thrace. The burial site of the Thracian aristocrat contains a number of interesting items including a silver treasure of vessels and artifacts that were place there to be used by the aristocrat in his afterlife. Those include two silver cups

Enormous cult complex found in ancient Thracian city

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have uncovered an enormous cult complex at the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon. The complex consists of at least 9 altars each 2 meters in diameter located on an area of 12 square km. They are dated back to about 1 500 BC thanks to objects discovered around

Excavations restarted on Thracian Temple

Archaeologists are resuming the excavation of a Thracian temple complex near the village of Starosel in Southern Bulgaria. The 2500-year-old site - the temple complex of the Thracian ruler Sitalk - was discovered in 2000 by the top Bulgarian archaeologist Georgi Kitov, who died of a heart attack during excavations at

Thracian sanctuary found in cave in Bulgaria

A Thracian sanctuary containing tombs, niches, drawings, and an altar, has been found in a cave in Northern Bulgaria. There also drawings of humans on the walls of the cave which look differently depending on the intensity of the sunlight falling on them. Koev believes that the fact that the sanctuary is