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Thracian burial mound undergoes excavation

Three Late Roman graves has been found beneath a 20-foot-tall burial mound in the Valley of Thracian Kings in Bulgaria. Inside two of the three Late Roman graves, Dimitrova and Parvin found preserved human bones while the third grave contained cremated human remains. All three newly found graves were technically discovered in

Looters raid Thracian mound in Bulgaria

Looters in Bulgaria have raided an ancient Thracian burial mound in southern Bulgaria ahead of planned excavations. At least one of the Ancient Thracian burial mounds (tumuli) in the southern Bulgarian town of Tatarevo, Plovdiv District, which are soon supposed to be excavated by the Director of the Plovdiv Museum of

Remains of sacrificed Thracian children found

The remains of three children believed to have been sacrificed by the Thracians in the 6th century B.C. have been found in southwest Bulgaria. The skeleton of a third child sacrificed by Ancient Thracians has been discovered by Bulgarian archaeologists in the same ritual pit at the prehistoric site near Bulgaria’s

Thracian chariot found in Serbia

A two-horse Thracian chariot dating back 3,000-4,000 years has been unearthed in Serbia. He said that this is backed by the fact that, at the location where the chariot was found, was also found a tumulus – a tomb. “Judging by the manner of burial, I guess that it was a member

Buried chariot and horses found in Bulgaria

A 2,500-year-old Thracian chariot has been found, along with the horses that pulled it, in Bulgaria. What's interesting is that the horses were buried in an upright position. Experts believe the chariot was placed in a narrow hole with a sloping side to allow horses, decorated with elaborate harnesses, to pull

Thracian temple found in Bulgaria

A Thracian temple and a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus and Hera has been found in central Bulgaria. The earliest use of the site is estimated to date from the early Iron Age, about the eighth to sixth centuries BCE. The sanctuary of Zeus and Hera is believed to have been destroyed in

Gold treasure found during Thracian tomb excavation in Bulgaria

Archaeologists excavating a Thracian tomb in northern Bulgaria have uncovered a collection of golden artifacts that have a link to Alexander the Great. According to history experts, the artifacts are likely to be remnants from the ritual burial of Gath ruler Kotela, one of the father-in-laws of Philip II of Macedon,

Golden treasure found in Thracian tomb

Archaeologists working in Bulgaria's Sveshtari tomb have uncovered a trove of gold artifacts. The researchers found fragments of a wooden box, containing charred bones and ashes, along with a number of extremely well-preserved golden objects, dated from the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 3rd century B. C..