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Scilly island residents called upon to record threatened sites

Residents of the island of Scilly, located off the southern coast of England, are being asked to record the locations of archaeological sites in danger of eroding into the sea. The areas that will be surveyed here include the bronze-age remains jutting out of the cliff at Halangy on St Mary’s

Britain’s oldest house threatened by environmental change

Britain's oldest house, found at the Star Carr Mesolithic site in North Yorkshire, is being threatened by its deteriorating surroundings. "The water table has fallen and the peat is shrinking and it is severely damaging the archaeology," she said. "The water keeps the oxygen and bacteria out and because they are now

Angkor temples threatened by surrounding hotels

Apparently the hotels surounding the ancient temples of Angkor are sucking up so much ground water that it is theatening the stability of the historical sites. The temples and towers of the 400-square-kilometre Angkor site sit on a base of sand, kept firm by a constant supply of groundwater

Ancient city to be flooded by Turkish Dam

 Protesters are fervently trying to stop the construction of the Illisu Dam in Turkey as it will flood the ancient city of Hasankeyf. “This dam will not turn us into a developed country; it will turn us into an uncivilized and underbred community that does not know how to spend

Constructions vibrations threaten 10,000-year-old city

The vibrations caused by construction are threatening to collapse the 10,000-year-old settlement of Hasankeyf in Turkey. An investigation begun after a man was killed by a falling rock at the ancient city of Hasankeyf has revealed that construction vehicles working in the area have brought the 10,000-year-old settlement close to

Erosion threatens Alaskan archaeological sites

Accelerated erosion is threatening to eradicate archaeological sites along Alaska's coast. The boat pictured on the cover of this newspaper sat on a bluff overlooking the Beaufort Sea when it was photographed in the summer of 2008. It’s almost certainly turned to driftwood and dust by now, swept away by

Water damage threatens ancient Babylon

Water damage from nearby irrigation systems and the Euphrates river is threatening what's left of ancient Babylon. The most immediate threat to preserving the ruins of Babylon, the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is water soaking the ground and undermining what is left in

Hydroelectric dam threatens pre-Columbian holy site

A hydroelectric dam is threatening to flood El Porvenir, an unexplored pre-Columbian holy site. The government plans to flood the valley in which El Porvenir lies to create a hydroelectric dam, wiping out the stones and leaving archaeologists unable to determine whether the site was built by a local