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New species of woolly rhinoceros found in Tibet

The discovery of a new species of woolly rhinoceros which existed a million years before other woolly rhinos is casting a new light on the important of the Tibetan highlands before the Ice Age. The Coelodonta thibetana fossil dates to about 3.7 million years ago, about a million years before other

Ancient Tibetan book reveals 3,000-year-old brain surgery

A study of the Tibetan Tripitaka has revealed that brain surgery was being practiced by doctors at least 2,900 years ago. Karma Trinley, an avid researcher and reader of classic Tibetan literature, Buddhism and calligraphy, began studying the Tripitaka in 1970. "It describes in detail how a young Indian doctor watched

Neolithic stoneware found in Southern Tibet

Neolithic axes, adzes and chisels have been found in Southern Tibet. Experts of the Shaanxi Provincial Archeology Research Institute and the Tibet Autonomous Regional Cultural Relics Research Institute judged that the stonewares belonged to the Neolithic Age and that the river banks where the stoneware were found saw frequent human activities