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Cat’s paw print found on Roman roof tile

A cat's paw print has been found on a 1st century A.D. Roman roof tile. After the wet clay had been moulded into shape, the tiles were spread out and left to dry before firing. It was while this tile was still wet that our prowling cat must have walked across it,

Artifacts found at Henry VIII’s former palace

A fragment of a high status tile, used by the rich to show off their importance, and a silver coin with Henry VIII's face on it has been found on the grounds of Forty Hall, where Elsyng Palace once sat. He said: “We knew the Elsyng site became the royal palace

Roman kiln found beneath children’s playground

Traces of a Roman tile kiln have been found beneath a children's playground in England. The tiles, pieces of pottery and bricks which were discovered on the Potter Street site have been investigated by a team from Wessex Archaeology. The team has found the materials to be that of a

Museum returns ancient Iranian artifacts

The Met's Arts and Antiques Unit is returning to Iran hundreds of ancient tiles which once adorned an ancient Arabian Sultan's tomb. A collector who bought the tiles in "good faith" from a dealer in Dubai has assisted the police and has released his title claim on the objects. Investigating officer DS