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Timber from 4,900-year-old fort found in Wales

4,900-year-old timber that once supported a fortified farmhouse has been found in Wales. The fortified farmhouse on stilts in the middle of an ice age lake is so old it could have even been built before Stonehenge was created. At 4,900 years old it's probably even older than the Pyramids and was

Ireland’s oldest timber framed house

Archaeologists working in Ireland have found the country's oldest surviving example of a timber framed house. Dendrochronological analysis is expected to conclude that the timber structure at Chapel Lane, Parnell Street, Ennis, dates back to the late 16th century. Ms. Irene Clune’s house, known as McParland’s is long understood to have been

Stone Age timber structure found in English river

Timber from a huge wooden structure built 8,000 years ago has been found in the Solent River in England. "Each piece of timber has very clear and distinct cut marks, so we know they have been worked on," he said. "It’s an elaborate framework and the timber appears to be linked. It

6,000 year old timber structure found in London peat bog

London's oldest timber structure has been found in a prehistoric peat bog near the Thames river. Wetlands adjacent to rivers such as the Thames were an important source of food for prehistoric people, and timber trackways and platforms made it easier to cross the boggy terrain. The structure discovered at Plumstead