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Timbers from Neolithic log boat found in Wales

Oak timbers that may have been part of a Neolithic log boat have been uncovered at a construction site in Wales. The prehistoric remains found at Monmouth have been radiocarbon-dated to 3,210 BC, in the New Stone Age. “There are cut features which appear to make it a complex craft and one

7,000-year-old timbers found under MI6 headquarters

The oldest wooden structure ever found on the Thames has been discovered right underneath MI6 headquarters. The archaeologists who uncovered the six hefty timber piles had to explain to the security services what they were up to when armed police turned up after they were spotted pottering about on a foggy

Iron Age roundhouse found on farm in Scotland

The 2,000-year-old floor and timber beams of an Iron Age roundhouse have been found on a farm in Birnie, Scotland. National Museums of Scotland curator Fraser Hunter said the “huge, impressive building” had a diameter of 50ft and had stood nearly 30ft high and showed how sophisticated the Iron Age settlers