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18th Dynasty tomb unearthed in Luxor

A tomb belonging to a government official who served during Egypt's 18th Dynasty has been found on Luxor's west bank. Egypt's antiquities minister Mohamed Ibrahim told Ahram Online that the tomb was accidentally found by the excavation team via a hole in the wall of tomb number TT109, in the Sheikh

New Kingdom tombs found on Nile river island

Four rock-cut tombs dating back to the New Kingdom period in Egypt have been found on Elephantine Island in the Nile. East Aswan inhabitants have accidentally stumbled upon what is believed to be a set of rock-hewn tombs on Elephantine Island, which displays a wide range of monuments from the prehistoric

Mastaba tomb found in Egypt

A mud-brick mastaba tomb has been found at the site of Tel Tabla in Egypt. A collection of 180 ancient Egyptian ushabti figurines and a limestone sarcophagus have been found in a mastaba tomb in Egypt's Dakahliya. During routine excavation work at Tel Tabla archaeological site in the Delta city of Dakahliya,

Ancient Sican tombs found in Peru

35 Sican tombs dating back 1,000 years have been found at an ancient cemetery in Peru. The tombs -containing skeletal remains, ceramics, textiles and gold-plated copper pieces- are thought to be of a pre-hispanic Sican descent. Last December, just after Christmas, workers involved in the Olmos irrigation project found 12 other tombs

Chief beer-maker’s tomb unearthed in Luxor

The tomb of a New Kingdom brewer for the temple of the goddess Mut, has been found on Luxor's west bank. The tomb of Khonso-Im-Heb is T-shaped with two halls and a burial chamber. It is also connected to an unfinished tomb of an as-yet unidentified person called Houn. Jiro Kondo, head

2,400-year-old baby bottle found in Italy

A terracotta pig, believed to be a baby bottle, has been found in a rock-cut tomb in Italy’s Puglia region. Known as guttus, the unique vessel dates back about 2,400 years, when the “heel” of Italy was inhabited by the Messapian people, a tribal group who migrated from Illyria (a region

Illegal excavation leads to discovery of Egyptian tombs

An illegal excavation in the Roman necropolis at al-Qantar in Egypt has lead to the discovery of two 1st-century tombs. The tomb is 6.5 meters high and 2.5 meters long. It is built of mud brick and has a vaulted ceiling and a burial shaft. One of the tomb’s walls is

15th century Chimú tomb found in Peru

A Chimú tomb from the 15th century has been found at the Samanco archaeological complex in Peru. Archaeologists working at the site of an ancient town in the coastal desert of northern Peru made a surprising discovery in late August—a multichamber tomb from the much later Chimú culture that held the