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Valley of the Kings study revealed undiscovered tombs

Using ground-penetrating radar, researchers working in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt, have located multiple undiscovered tombs. Multiple tombs lay hidden in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, where royalty were buried more than 3,000 years ago, awaiting discovery, say researchers working on the most extensive exploration of the area

1650-year-old remains of woman with deformed skull found in France

The remains of an elite woman who died 1650 years ago has been found in a necropolis in France. What’s interesting is that her skull had been flattened during childhood. "The deformation of the skull with the help of bandages (narrow strips of cloth) and small boards is a practice coming

Aburraes Indian tomb found in Medellin, Columbia

Construction workers in Medellin, Columbia, have unearthed a tomb believed to have been built by the Aburraes Indians. The tomb held numerous ornate burial gifts, including gold jewelry and ceramics, leading archaeologist to believe the ancient tomb belonged to the ‘Aburraes” indigenous tribe.  Medellin sits in a narrow valley originally inhabited

9,000-year-old flutes found in China

Three 9,000-year-old flutes have been found in a tomb at the Jiahu archaeological site in central China. Three flutes made from bird bones found in an tomb in central China are evidence remote ancestors played music long before they could write, archaeologists say. Made of bones of red-crowned cranes, the flutes were

Mummy’s collar found in Egyptian tomb

A colourful collar intended for wear after death has been found in an Egyptian tomb in Thebes. People in ancient Egypt wore collars called "wesekhs" made of beads when they were alive. This painted collar is made of a different type of material called cartonnage (a plastered material) and was meant

Monastery discovered beneath 18th century Thai King’s tomb

The remains of a monastery have been found beneath the tom of King Uthumphon in Mandalay, Myanmar. Mickey Heart, a historian who leads the excavation team, said the foundations show the monastery building was about 18 meters wide, while the monastery compound was about five acres. “We still can’t say exactly which

Who is buried in King Herod’s tomb?

A tomb found in 2007 that was attributed to King Herod may not belong to him after all. Some believe the tomb is too modest to have belonged to him. The rather modest structure is too small for the master builder to have envisioned for himself, and the poor planning and

80 ancient tombs excavated in China

Archaeologists have excavated a cluster of more than 80 tombs from the West Han Dyanasty (206 B.C. - 24 A.D.) in northern China. The tombs, located in Beidazhao Qiandong village of Nanhe County, 150 km south of the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang, are believed to be from the middle and late