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Well-preserved Roman tombstone found in England

An extremely well-preserved Roman tombstone has been found in Cirencester, England. What's weird is that the inscription only fills half of the panel, so there's a space left below it. "You can see horizontal marking-out lines, so I guess what they were going to do was come back later when her husband

Roman tombstone fished out of river in Croatia

Divers have discovered a Roman tombstone from the Drava river in Croatia. The relief shows a mythical scene, possibly Venus with two cupids, but archaeologists cannot be certain before the restoration work is completed. Both pieces are believed to date to the second or third century. Underwater archaeologist Kruno Zubcic discovered the

Gladiator died due to bad call from referee

The epitaph on a Roman tombstone for a gladiator named Diodorus blames a referee's bad call for his death. "After breaking my opponent Demetrius I did not kill him immediately," the inscription reads. "Fate and the cunning treachery of the summa rudis killed me." The term summa rudis can be understood to refer

Medieval tombstones found in walls of burnt church

A fire which destroyed a church 12 years ago exposed 100 medieval tombstones which were hidden in the walls. The grave covers known as cross slabs are decorated with swords, crosses and emblems including a pair of shears to signify a housewife, and are related to figures in the history of the village. Many had been