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2,300-year-old carpentry tool found in Japan

A carpenter's tool dating back 2,300 years has been found in Japan. A well-preserved ancient carpenter's tool that was at the cutting edge of Japanese manufacturing thousands of years ago has been discovered at the Yokaichijikata ruins in Komatsu in the prefecture. The iron “yariganna” cutting pike plane, which is attached to

Viking toolbox found in Denmark

A Viking toolbox, containing 14 iron tools, has been found at a Viking fortress in Denmark. Collections of tools from the Viking Age are exceptionally rare. Iron was worth a lot to the Vikings and if anyone had discovered discarded tools, they would have melted them down to repurpose for something

Obsidian tools found in Oregon

A landowner digging on his property in Oregon has found 14 obsidian tools which date back between 1,000-4,000 years. It was the heat of summer, but underneath the weeds the ground was wet. “I was like ‘Oh, this is actually a spring. Cool,’” he said. So he got a shovel, to dig

Butchered animal residues discovered on 250,000-year-old tools

Protein residue from butchered animals has been found on 250,000-year-old tools found in Jordan. While stone tools have been found before, the residue of the kinds of animals found on these ancient tools brought back surprising results, linking rhinoceros, horse, wild cattle and duck to these hominins. "The implication of all of

Ancient Korean-style tools discovered in Japan

Ancient tools dating back to the 6th-century A.D. have been found, decorated with silver inlay which suggests they were strongly influenced by Korean styles at the time. One artifact looks like a chisel. It is about 20 centimeters long, 9 millimeters wide and 5 mm thick. The other, bow tongs for

Ancient Polynesians used obsidian tools to tattoo

15 obsidian artifacts found in the Solomon Islands suggest that the ancient islanders used them to tattoo. One potential way to learn more about prehistoric tattooing is to unearth the tools used to make the markings. However, until now, archaeologists had discovered few ancient tattooing implements, likely because perishable materials were

Million-year-old flint tools found in Spain

Researchers working in the La Mina area at Barranc de la Boella in Spain have uncovered 50 flint tools that are estimated to date back between 800,000-1,000,000 years ago. A set of 50 flint tools has been discovered in Barranc de la Boella, near Tarragona, a city 80 kilometres south of

Mesolithic flint tools found in England

Archaeologists working in Lincolnshire have uncovered hundreds of flint tools that are believed to date back to the Mesolithic period. The team from Allen Archaeology have excavated tonnes of mud from 3 metres below the ground, and sifting the earth has revealed knives probably used for hunting and cutting meat and