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Ice Age tools found in England

A collection of tools dating back to the Ice Age have been uncovered at a Late Upper Paleolithic camp site in Leicestershire, England. The Bradgate Park Trust has commissioned the University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) to begin a new stage of work on a rare Late Upper Palaeolithic site at

Ice Age tools found in Scotland

A set of 12,000-year-old tolls made by the Ahrensburgian culture have been found on the coastline of the Scottish island of Islay. The age and distinctive style of the tools means they had been made by people of the Ahrensburgian culture, which flourished in mainland Europe towards the end of the

7,000-year-old tool workshop found in Bulgaria

A workshop used to make flint tools from 4800 B.C. has been found in Bulgaria. A “huge” workshop for flint tools dating back to the Late Chalcolithic, or about 4,500-4,200 years ago, has been discovered by Bulgarian archaeologists in archaeological excavations of a settlement mound near the town of Kamenovo, Razgrad

Animal fats found on 500,000-year-old tools

Animal fats residue has been found on 500,000-year-old flint tools unearthed in southern Israel. The archaeological record indicates that elephants must have played a significant role in early human diet and culture during Palaeolithic times in the Old World. However, the nature of interactions between early humans and elephants is still

Neanderthal bone tool found in France

A multi-purpose bone tool fashioned by Neanderthals has been found in France at the Grotte du Bison in Burgundy. "This is the first time a multi-purpose bone tool from this period has been discovered. It proves that Neanderthals were able to understand the mechanical properties of bone and knew how to

Ancient battlefield found in Wales

An ancient Neolithic battlefield containing tools and weapons has been found in Cardiff, Wales. Archaeologists hoping to discover Roman and Iron Age finds at a Welsh hillfort were shocked to unearth pottery and arrowheads predating their predicted finds by 4,000 years at the home of a powerful Iron Age community, including

19th century railroad tools found in Calgary

Railway tools used in the construction of the Canadian Pacific railway in the 1880s have been found by utility workers in Calgary, Alberta. Old metal tools including a pickaxe head and rail spikes as well as a brick and a variety of other items were found in a small square right

2000-year-old tools found in Finland

Surveys in northern Finland have led to the discovery of 2,000-year-old stone tools. The most exceptional part of the archaeological find was a stone spear tip or a possible prehistoric knife, which was discovered close to the Norwegian border. The stone implement has been uncovered by high winds as it lay