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Stone tower in Jerusalem built 1,000 years earlier than thought

New dates for a stone tower at Gihon Spring in Jerusalem show the tower was built between 900-800 A.D. instead of in 1700 B.C. as was previously thought. A stone tower that guarded a precious water supply for the ancient city of Jerusalem isn't quite as old as previously thought, according

The world’s first skyscraper

New facts about the "world's first skyscraper", a 28-foot tall 11,000-year-old tower in Jericho, have come to light. "Reconstruction of the sunset revealed to us that the shadow of the hill as the sun sets on the longest day of the year falls exactly on the Jericho tower, envelops the tower

What to do with Nazi-era flak towers?

Planners in Vienna are deciding what to do with six huge WWII anti-aircraft towers that dot their city. The flak towers were built by forced labour. On the walls inside you can still see graffiti, written in chalk and pencil, by prisoners of war. "Milano, poi morire" wrote one Italian