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Ancient trading centre unearthed in Northern China

What may be a millennia-old trading centre has been unearthed in China's Hebei province. The excavation area, which is 30 meters long and 10 meters wide, is only a small part of the building cluster of the Haifeng Town ruins. The rich findings indicate that there was intense human activity at

Egyptian bead found in Denmark Bronze Age grave

Analysis of glass beads found in a Bronze Age grave in Denmark have revealed that one of them was made in Egypt. Twenty-three glass beads from Denmark were analysed using plasma-spectrometry. Without destroying the fragile beads, this technique makes it possible to compare the chemical composition of trace elements in the

Ancient Chinese coin found on Kenyan island

A 600-year-old Chinese coin has been found on the Kenyan island of Manda, revealing a trade link between China and East Africa. The coin, a small disk of copper and silver with a square hole in the center so it could be worn on a belt, is called "Yongle Tongbao" and

Study reveals obsidian trade routes

A new study performed by an archaeologist from the University of Sheffield has revealed the ancient routes used to trade obsidian in Syria 4,200 years ago. Most of the obsidian at Tell Mozan (and surrounding archaeological sites) originated from volcanoes 200km away in what is now eastern Turkey, as expected from

Ancient Greek food trade identified through DNA analysis

Researchers performing DNA analysis on Greek amphorae have been able to determine the contents, shedding some light on ancient food trade. During the fifth through third centuries B.C., the Mediterranean and Black seas were major thoroughfares for ships loaded with thousands of curvaceous jars known as amphorae, thought from their shape

New dating technique shows Britain’s first “building boom”

A new dating technique shows that the Neolithic period had a slow start followed by a sharp growth in trade and technology. "What we thought before was very imprecise. We simply knew that all sorts of different sites and all sorts of new kinds of practices started to happen sometime in

Pueblo societies traded turquoise chocolate

The ancient people who lived in the U.S. Southwest loved their chocolate so much that they traded turquoise for cacao with the Mesoamerican cultures in Central America. Pueblo groups and an ensuing Southwest society traded turquoise for Mesoamerican cacao for about five centuries, from around 900 to 1400, proposes a team

Ancient Arab shipwreck sheds light on 9th century trade

An ancient Arab shipwreck discovered off an Indonesian island is revealing new details about 9th century trade. The notebook written by Nehemiah Wallington, an English Puritan, recounts the fate of women accused of having relationships with the devil at a time when England was embroiled in a bitter civil war. The document