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WWI-era training trenches found in Ireland

Archaeologists working in Ireland have uncovered WWI training trenches near the Ballykinler army base. Near the firing ranges of Ballykinler army camp in County Down, archaeologists have been excavating trenches used for training during World War One. The trenches were found in an overgrown area of gorse near the camp The hope is

WWI training trenches uncovered in England

Trenches used to train troops for WWI have been uncovered in Norfolk, England. Describing his discovery Mr Day said: "We're clearing years of accumulated leaf mould at the moment. "One of the trenches is about 7ft (2m) deep at the front, and as you go back into the supply lines goes to

WWI training trenches found in Scottish park

Trenches used to train WWI recruits have been found in Kings Park in Stirling, Scotland. About 20m (66ft) of the zig-zag trench system was opened up over three days. The trenches have now been back-filled but could be the subject of further research in the future. Lorna Main, archaeology officer