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Ancient toy chariot sheds light on real chariots

Close examination of a detailed toy chariot found in the Tiber River has revealed that actual chariots had an iron rim mounted on the right wheel of the two-wheeled chariot to improve the chariots chances of wining a race. Adding the strip of iron to the right wheel improved a charioteer's

Bronze Age transportation route found in London

An archaeological survey performed prior to Crossrail construction in London has turned up evidence of a Bronze Age transportation route. As excavation works for the Plumstead tunnel portal got under way our archaeologists uncovered several wooden stakes and at least two that appear to have cut marks from a metal axe. "Although

The Orient Express takes its final trip

The famed Orient Express is no more. It was an unrealized dream of mine to ride it, and now I suppose I shall never get to. The Orient Express — the very name carries an aura of glamour and mystery. Van Helsing rode it to his battle with Dracula. James Bond

Russian billionaire buys Hitler’s Mercedes

A Russian billionaire has bought Hitler's Mercedes for $8.3 million. The midnight blue 770 K model car was locked away in a collector's garage in Bielefeld along with seven other vehicles used by Nazi leaders. Michael Froehlich, a Duesseldorf car dealer, said he brokered the deal for the unnamed billionaire, who also

The history of headlights

Ridelust has an interesting post on the history of the car headlamp. Today we’re going to take a look at a piece of automotive equipment that most people don’t give much thought to unless you’re blinded by them or forget to turn them on and get a freakin’ ticket. Headlights have

Transporting the Dead Sea Scrolls

I live in Toronto, Canada and am very excited to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. Here is an interesting article from the Toronto Star about how the scrolls are transported. Only first-class seats are big enough to accommodate the scrolls' steel travel cases, Siggers says,

New artifacts found at Terracotta Warriors dig

A bronze arrowhead, two clay figures and two chariots have been found on the first day of the new Terracotta Warriors excavation. "The most important discoveries are two four-horse chariots that are standing in tandem very closely together," Xinhua quoted Cao Wei as saying. Cao is the deputy curator of the

Up for auction: one of Hitler’s favourite race cars

The Auto Union D-type racer is one of the rarest vintage cars in the world, and one of Hitler's favourites. Now you can own it...for nearly $9 million. When the Red Army overran Berlin at the end of the war, all Silver Arrows cars were immediately shipped back to the NAMI