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19th-century trash pit found in Iowa

A small section of what may have been a city trash pit dating back to the 19th century has been found in Iowa. Peeling the soil away to an undisturbed layer, they found an astonishing number of artifacts, including meat bones, pieces of broken china, buttons, shoe soles, smoking pipes, hand-blown

The archaeological value of garbage

CNN has posted an interesting article about the value of sifting through ancient trash to find archaeological gold. "I think almost all civilizations recycled in one way or another," Meadow said, explaining that ancient peoples across the world would recycle organic matter as fuel, while inorganic refuse would be used to

19th century New York City was one dirty place

New York City's Sanitation Department's resident anthropologist has been digging back into the city's trashy past. New York City has a reputation in some quarters -- deserved or not -- as a dirty city. Have we gotten any better at cleaning up after ourselves? You have no idea. Going back